We are on a mission to provide high-value mining consultancy services that revolve around the 3 Es - Experience, Expertise and Excellence.

Mining Solutions and services ranging from mineral exploration to feasibility studies under one roof.

Why Choose Us

01. Extensive Industry Knowledge and Experience

Our associates and subject matter experts have decades of experience in the mining sector. We leverage the knowledge and experiences of a diverse team and it allows us to combine our collective expertise to help tackle a variety of projects and tailor our services according to your specific needs

02. Expert Team

Nothing comes close to having done it before. With an array of projects successfully completed, we have the resources with the relevant experience to deliver on small, medium and large projects. 

03. Flexibility to serve you better.

We invest a lot in researching new and upcoming technologies which enable us to deliver you the services you need when you need them in the most demanding environments.


we offer

Geological Consulting and Mineral Exploration

We believe that an independent and non-biased geolocation consulting and mineral exploration.

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Mine Planning and Mining Engineering

Synchronised critical thinking is the key to successful mine planning.

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Mining Feasibility Studies

The success of a mining project not only depends on the adaptation of technology but also the willingness of the investors to fund it.

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Mining Project Appraisal and Valuation

We believe that an independent and non-biased project appraisal is the key to a successful M&A activity.

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