Techno Commercial Evaluation of Namchik Namphuk Coal Mine and Preparation of Bid Model

Scope of Work

Evaluation of the Namchik Namphuk Coal mine to suggest the optimal revenue share to be quoted during the electronic bid. The coal mine was under auction on the 13th / 3rd Trance of Auction of Coal Mine for Sale of Coal by Ministry of Coal, GoI. For this explored coal mine, the broad frameworks of evaluation and preparation of the financial bid model were:

  •   Remodeling of geological data with suitable Geological Modelling software to verify the coal resource and classification of resources in line with MEMC Rule’ 2015.
  •   Review of the Approved Mining Plan of 2003 and recommendation thereof Critical review of the Permits in place and Design of optimum open-pit mine using Pit Design software to develop Life of Mine Plan (LOM)
  •   Long term/ LOM Mine Scheduling, optimization of waste hauling with suggested Peak Rated Capacity by the Client
  •   HEMM selection and scheduling, mine infrastructures estimation in consultation with the Client
  •   Estimation of mine development cos/ CAPEX and operational cost/OPEX for LOM
  •   Preparation of full-scale bid model with risk analysis with corroborating Debt Repayment Schedule, P&L, Cash Flow et al.
  •   Suggested optimum Revenue Share pegged to the different levels of expected Project IRR and Equity IRR suggested by the Client.


The Client participated in the Bid with an informed risk-reward matrix and exited the bid after quoting the best revenue share that can be accommodated on a long-term basis